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over the past few weeks i’ve seen a couple of disturbing items about young dannielynn that have me a bit concerned about this child’s future. a few weeks ago one of the gossip TV shows recounted in loving anal-retentive detail exactly what she got for christmas, where she celebrated the holiday and like that. last night i saw a piece on Entertainment Tonight about how she has an eye condition common to young babies and her concerned father is worried that it might be related to anna nicole smith’s drug use.

ahem, where does it end? the dannielynn machine seems to be stoking an insatiable media hunger that will result in this child growing up in front of us, which can’t be good for her health. i have my doubts about so-called “devoted dad” larry birkhead (and his publicist no doubt) allowing the media access to every holiday and birthday celebration, not to mention (apparently) every visit to the doctor.

are we going to be seeing:
dannielyn’s first solid meal?
dannielynn’s first day at school?
dannielynn’s first report card?
dannielynn’s first date?
dannielynn’s high school prom?
dannielynn’s first therapy session?
dannielynn’s first night away from home where no one knows where she is?