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My idea for the next spin-off from THE HILLS is…….drum roll, please:

Stephanie Pratt.

Consider this:
She’s a total airhead - California style (the funniest kind)
She’s the sister of Spencer Pratt - need I say more?
She’s the sister in law of Heidi Pratt - let’s not even go there

Now that THE HILLS is woefully Lauren-less, that husky voiced bitch Kristin Cavallari just doesn’t cut it for me in the Drama Dept. On the few recent occasions my remote has snagged the show, my only entertainment is scenes that include Stephanie…she’s a complete headcase. Last season when Lauren hired her to work at the PR co. and she brilliantly fucked up, and couldn’t even answer a phone correctly, was tres entertaining, n’est-ce pas? Imagine a whole show that revolved around that person.

SP is fascinating to me, in the way that an animal growing in a petrie dish or something along those lines is. Bring it on, MTV, bring it on. Audrina, Lo, snore, snore, Kristin, Spencer, Heidi, snore. Mark my words. Stephanie’s the Next Big Thing.

And that’s my way cool item of the day.