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Dear Geraldine,

You were a hero to so many of us for your formidable place in history. It is with horror and deep sadness that I now have to think the polar opposite of you. How could you make such a tasteless and horrendous comment that the only reason Barack Obama is achieving the success he’s getting is because he is a (lucky) black man. What year is it?? Is this 2008 or 1928? I’m sure it’s news to black men everywhere that they’re lucky. Last time I checked (being neither black or a man) it seemed kind of a detriment to the achievement of great success. And, to make matters worse, when you’re called out on this comment, you cry reverse racism!

And as for you, Hillary. Every day you make me angrier. Not coming out to immediately denounce Ferraro’s comments is unforgivable. You’re running this campaign into the ground and wasting so much valuable time for those of us who want to see a Democrat in the White House next January. I refer you to Mr. Olbermann, who says it all better than I ever could.