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i don’t know why this makes me so sad, but i guess i really did think there was a way we could end this like adults and everyone go play on the same team and win this thing.

that scenario seems pretty impossible now.

this campaign has both amazed and amused me, kept me involved like an American Idol fanatic in its twists and turns. but now, it’s making me sick.

how could she say such a thing?………… and then, NOT EVEN APOLOGIZE except to the Kennedy family (which technically wasn’t even an apology to them). to put this statement out there in the zeitgeist and then - walk away and let it hang there without even a proper apology - it boggles the mind and makes HRC seem like a vulture just waiting to swoop in after the worst happens. which, apparently, she is and has been for awhile.

Bosnia —– shmosnia. by all the saints, this absconds with the proverbial cake and blasts off into outer space trailing ribbons of icing.

and, to make matters worse, dailykos reminds us that she said the same thing in March of this year and therefore, like Bosnia, this indicates a really serious train of thought, not a one-off misstatement.

i look towards the certainty of a woman President someday in my lifetime, but Hillary Rodham Clinton is NOT THAT WOMAN.


THE MORNING AFTER: i’m still flabbergasted at this latest HRC foot-in-the-mouth debacle. for more clarification on exactly what she said and the context, please to visit which has a transcript of her comments and video of her saying them. And the comment (which i agree with in every fiber of my being): No context can save her. She must go.

the latest in the Hillary’s one of us - just one of the boys - Scranton’s pride and joy - I’m ‘just folks’ even though my income is around $109 million give or take Saga can now be seen on YouTube. apparently she rode along with a typical Indiana family to work yesterday and proved a) she hasn’t pumped gas in years and b) she does not know how to use a coffee machine in a roadside mart. but she’s not elitist. what’s wrong with this picture?

thank you Andrew Malcolm of the Los Angeles Times for an absolutely brilliant article completely dissecting this photo op like it was a frog in science class.

while mccain and obama are all real serious candidate like in their sober dark suits, hillary is decked out in ice blue, or bright lemon, or candy bright green, or even hot pink. it’s as if a character from a 70’s sitcom were running for president.  and in fact, she does bear a real resemblance to shirley partridge. go on, tell me i’m wrong. you know it’s true.

it occurred to me that this white house race is more like American Idol than anything else. every night i tune in to watch hours of MSNBC and CNN and network analysis of the day’s happenings in McCain, Obama, and Clinton World. i’ve gotten to the point where if i am not home, i TAPE Countdown because i need my Keith, the light that cuts through the darkness.


Obama is like the slim, handsome superhero who can smash atoms with his bare hands (okay - he’s not a great bowler, but can save the world nonetheless). he’s smart, he’s well spoken, he’s calm, he’s - what’s the word - oh yes, presidential.

Hillary is looking more and more like an educated, conservatively-dressed (albeit in bright colors), helmet-headed version of Britney Spears we gaped at a few months ago when every night was a new drama illuminated by the bad camerawork of TMZ. in news rubbernecking, she has actually replaced Britney for me. she’s like the Terminator - tear off a limb, she’s still not down and out! she refuses to die! in a way i have come to admire this, even though i think we’re wasting valuable time and money this way. and the Bosnia thing, well, that was just embarrassing beyond belief.

and then there’s McCain. now here’s a guy who looks like something out of Highway Patrol with Broderick Crawford. Crawford ended every show with a homily, my all-time favorite being ‘the clowns in the circus they’re real funny. but on the highway they’re murder.’ McCain is not the brightest bulb according to recent news stories, but looks like a Rhodes scholar next to GWB.

one would think, if one landed at an airport in Bosnia under sniper fire and had to run for shelter, it would leave a pretty strong memory of the incident. so therefore, i am asking you Hillary Clinton, was this a dream or a fantasy? this is the age of video in case you weren’t aware of that, so it’s very easy to find out the truth of the situation. and we have. and it is not a ‘blip’ (great word, thanks for using it) that you looked into people’s eyes and lied about this story. and you are more qualified to be Commander of Chief why exactly? please explain.

Dear Geraldine,

You were a hero to so many of us for your formidable place in history. It is with horror and deep sadness that I now have to think the polar opposite of you. How could you make such a tasteless and horrendous comment that the only reason Barack Obama is achieving the success he’s getting is because he is a (lucky) black man. What year is it?? Is this 2008 or 1928? I’m sure it’s news to black men everywhere that they’re lucky. Last time I checked (being neither black or a man) it seemed kind of a detriment to the achievement of great success. And, to make matters worse, when you’re called out on this comment, you cry reverse racism!

And as for you, Hillary. Every day you make me angrier. Not coming out to immediately denounce Ferraro’s comments is unforgivable. You’re running this campaign into the ground and wasting so much valuable time for those of us who want to see a Democrat in the White House next January. I refer you to Mr. Olbermann, who says it all better than I ever could.

you’re really looking desperate here, attacking Mr. Obama for being - horrors - a great speechifyer. please, this kind of thing doesn’t become you. can we keep it about the issues and not sniping about your opponent? all you seem to be doing anymore is frantically grasping at straws. yes, you lived in the White House awhile back and you participated in national politics. but there have been many many presidents who did not have this advantage prior to their new jobs, and some of ‘em did just fine.