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Well, doggone it, the shee-it has finally hit the fan. Little Miss Trustworthy, AKA The Spitfire from Seward’s Folly, is now the subject of a report by an Alaska legislative panel regarding the dismissal of Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan. Monegan told the panel that he was fired because he refused to dismiss Palin’s ex-brother-in-law, state trooper Mike Wooten, after undue pressure from Mr. Sarah Palin and Palin’s staff.

This news hit the wires last night around 8pm Eastern time and has the potential to be a real gamechanger in the final days before Americans cast their ballots for President of the United States. The bipartisan panel (10 Republicans, 4 Democrats) stated in no uncertain terms that Palin abused her power as governor in the Monegan situation. She was found to be in violation of a state ethics law against officials using a public office for personal gain.

Let me state for the record that the dismissal of Monegan was not the problem; it was that Palin violated a statute of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act by having her husband become a veritable attack dog using her office and her advisors in trying to have Wooten fired. Monegan reported that he was contacted 36 times in this regard over a period of 19 months.

Dear Readers, I thought I was pretty much done with the Palinisms and was ready to move on with my life, but this news just - shall we say - tickled my fancy to the extent that I had to weigh in on it. I mean, here’s the GOP’s VP Candidate telling crowds that Obama is consorting with terrorists and inferring that he is unpatriotic and un-American. And meanwhile she’s got a scandal brewing that sets all that trumped-up malarkey to shame for good and all. You betcha!

Now on the subject of McPain; who among us didn’t wince during last week’s debate as he doddered around the perimeter of the stage like a - forgive me - crazy old man? I mean do you seriously want this guy to be in charge? This guy hired for the most difficult job in the world? And, ouch, what was that weird moment where he lashed out at Tom Brokaw in that snide way he has, “Not you, Tom.”

McShame and his aide-de-camp La Barracuda have knowingly fanned the fires of racism, hate, and violence with their negative campaigning and attack ads. Rather than campaign on the issues - which they can’t do - they sling the mud over and over again and imply that Obama is both a Washington insider elite Harvard type argula-eater and also an outsider, as un-American as it is possible to be. Plus his skin is black. Oh the horror!

At a rally last night, McCain actually was forced in the position of having to defend Obama as someone Americans do not need to be frightened of when a man stood up and said he was afraid for the life of his unborn child if the Illinois Democrat became President. At the same rally, a woman in the audience told him that Obama was an Arab, and McCain actually took the mike away from her and said this was not true, that Senator Obama is a decent, family man with whom he disagrees on many fundamental issues.

This is rich! McFeign and Que Sera, Sarah created this atmosphere and now McCain, at least, is backing off because he suddenly seems to realize that it’s about to blow up in his face. Rile up unhappy broke people at your peril, sir. They’re looking for anyone to blame. And they’ve been shouting heinous epithets like ‘Kill him!’ and ‘He’s a terrorist!‘ at rallies this entire week. Thanks to you and your nefarious McCampaign.

Yes, Senator John Sidney McCain III, we do need a steady hand at the tiller. But yours is most definitely not steady. And Palin’s hand should be nowhere near the tiller. God only knows in which direction she would steer the boat.


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OK I just don’t get it. I saw a story on MSNBC last night that I was POSITIVE would be splashed on the front page of the New York Times this morning. That story being that Pastor John Hagee, who John McCain was only too happy to accept an endorsement from, has been found to have stated in a sermon that Adolf Hitler was sent by God to kill the Jews and force them to create the state of Israel.

I admit I didn’t think the fallout about Hagee’s sickening remark about a Gay Pride parade calling down the wrath of the Lord on New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina would come to much, and it hasn’t. And of course, he also called the Catholic Church ‘the whore of Babylon’ and apparently apologized to the Church about this recently.

But what am I missing here? Why does Obama get raked across the coals for Rev. Wright’s outlandish comments, and John McCain continually take a pass on his relationship with Hagee? Much more detail on this recent flap (although no one seems to be flapping except MSNBC) can be found here, including meticulous detail on Hagee’s other insane comments.

Seriously - how come this is not on the front page of the New York Times? I’ll tell you what IS on the front page of the New York Times: Many Florida Jews Express Doubts on Obama. Yes, far more important to talk about the racism of Florida Jews who just can’t see past Obama’s skin color. The article goes into great detail about the misconceptions held by elderly Jews in the Sunshine State: that Obama is an Arab, he is part of Chicago’s Palestinian community, Al Quaeda is backing him, and that Rev. Wright is his children’s godfather.

Yes, far far more important to talk about this story on the front page of the newspaper of record rather than discuss an extremely controversial statement that God was in cahoots with Adolf Hitler to wipe out the Jewish population of Europe, made by John McCain supporter Pastor John Hagee.

And with that I give you good day.


POSTSCRIPT: I learned last night that McCain has now renounced the endorsement of John Hagee. Of course he threw in a dig about Obama and Rev. Wright into his official statement: ” . . . let me also be clear, Reverend Hagee was not and is not my pastor or spiritual advisor, and I did not attend his church for twenty years.”

it occurred to me that this white house race is more like American Idol than anything else. every night i tune in to watch hours of MSNBC and CNN and network analysis of the day’s happenings in McCain, Obama, and Clinton World. i’ve gotten to the point where if i am not home, i TAPE Countdown because i need my Keith, the light that cuts through the darkness.


Obama is like the slim, handsome superhero who can smash atoms with his bare hands (okay - he’s not a great bowler, but can save the world nonetheless). he’s smart, he’s well spoken, he’s calm, he’s - what’s the word - oh yes, presidential.

Hillary is looking more and more like an educated, conservatively-dressed (albeit in bright colors), helmet-headed version of Britney Spears we gaped at a few months ago when every night was a new drama illuminated by the bad camerawork of TMZ. in news rubbernecking, she has actually replaced Britney for me. she’s like the Terminator - tear off a limb, she’s still not down and out! she refuses to die! in a way i have come to admire this, even though i think we’re wasting valuable time and money this way. and the Bosnia thing, well, that was just embarrassing beyond belief.

and then there’s McCain. now here’s a guy who looks like something out of Highway Patrol with Broderick Crawford. Crawford ended every show with a homily, my all-time favorite being ‘the clowns in the circus they’re real funny. but on the highway they’re murder.’ McCain is not the brightest bulb according to recent news stories, but looks like a Rhodes scholar next to GWB.