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For those of you who give a rat’s ass (as I do), the new season of Project Runway started last Thursday night, August 20, with a three and a half hour Runwaypalooza on its new home, the Lifetime Network. I broke it down for Huffington Post thus & so;

Project Runway All-Star Challenge

Project Runway, Episode One, Season Six

Models of the Runway

Dear Readers... it’s been awhile. Now we’re staring straight into the hindquarters of August and I must needs explain myself as I’ve done exactly what you’re not supposed to do when starting a blog. I’ve neglected it for weeks. In late June I found fulltime & fabulous employment as a publicist for independent documentary and feature films, for which I am very grateful indeed. But, after being freelance for just about 4 years for the most part, it was a bit of a shock to realize that my writing time had shrunk immeasurably.

I must tell you that my pride & joy, The Weekend Horoscoop, which I kept up weekly for well over a year, bit the dust even before the fulltime job. Honestly, the column took a full day every week, and I just don’t have that kind of time anymore. I would love to resurrect it and I know it had a lot of followers, but unless someone pays me to do it… it’s over for now. Not forever though, at least I hope not. It may come back in another form soon, one that doesn’t take as much time to do.

I am going to start posting regularly again though however. For those that don’t know, I cover television, music, and pop culture once or twice a week on the Huffington Post. Currently I’m recapping Weeds and Project Runway for the site. I heartily invite you to visit me there and I’ll cross post those columns here as well.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.

- Holly

Feb 13

tim & jon

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well this was mighty fine, two of my favorite guys together at last, with jon stewart revealing that he is a closet project runway fanatic (oui!! mais oui!! moi aussi!). tim gunn as usual is awesome. especially when he discloses that he frequently does not agree with the P.R. judges’ rulings.