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first there is a car commercial, then there is no car commercial, then there is

OK, this has to be the final sign that we are approaching the apocalypse, dear readers. Condoleeza Rice has joined the Kiss Army.

apparently the Secretary of State was in Stockholm for an international conference on Iraq and somehow she came across Gene Simmons and the gang, who were also in town for a concert today. at this very moment Condi’s probably singing along to her favorite Kiss song I Want To Rock & Roll All Night (And Party Every Day) while Gene sticks out his tongue to Swedish screams.

photographic evidence of the incredible meeting can be seen here.

what a week it has been, my head is spinning between RFK’s death being invoked by a political candidate as one of the justifications for her staying in the race even though no mathematics on this planet could possibly change the outcome of the race to Ellen DeGeneres planning a wedding on the Bush Ranch to new reality show trash (Lohan mom, Denise Richards) to Scott McClellan spilling his guts about his old job (didn’t he have to sign a NDA for God’s sake? not that I’m complaining) and now THIS.

apparently America’s sweetheart AKA Rachael Ray, who has appeared in several ad campaigns for Dunkin Donuts, wears a scarf in a recent ad that Fox News commentator Michelle Malkin among others thought looked a little too much like a jihadist fashion statement. Malkin blogged about it and a shitstorm ensued in the media. and next thing you know, DD has pulled the ad.

they made this statement: “. . . we are no longer using the online ad because the possibility of misperception detracted from its original intention to promote our iced coffee.” in other words, we are caving to those racist enough to think that wearing a scarf indicates that you’re a terrorist.

my fantasy: scores of people with similar scarves swarm into Dunkin Donuts to order the Rachael-Ray-terrorist-scarf blend as soon as possible. i have a scarf like that myself, actually two of them - one in black and one in purple.