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Dear Mrs. Ceballos,
I’m more than a little shocked by your quote, “we did whatever we could to win.” Even traumatize your daughter by lying outright and faking her father’s death in the Iraq War? Not only should you give those tickets back, you should give your DAUGHTER to someone who can exhibit a better role model to her as she grows up.
Your Truly,
Holly Cara Price

david byrne’s december radio show is all ennio morricone soundtrack music. go there, listen, and tell all your friends.

i’m lucky enough to live on the upper west side and close enough to sal & carmine’s pizza (on broadway between 101st and 102nd) to get there in 2 min. flat. this place is from another time and it’s wonderful that it co-exists here amongst new, low lit swank bars that seem more at home in the east eighties.

the only problem? that they’re not open late for a slice when you’re stumbling home after many hours of partying. the pizza is the best i’ve had in manhattan (and i’ve lived here since 1979, yo mama). the ambiance is priceless. the total for your order is rung up on an old-fashioned cash register with big black and white keys covered in pizza dust. this place should have been a sopranos set location.

Dec 16

reality t.v.

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you say you’ll never watch it, that it is repulsive & completely off the map. go on, say it. i did. and then one day i stopped working 24/7 and its bony, wasted fingers crept in whist i was channel surfing one evening. and the next thing i knew, i was actually enjoying the larger than life drama on shows so rank and stupid that i couldn’t even admit it to myself. and no matter what else it has wrought, reality t.v. has brought us TIM GUNN ~ and he is just all kinds of delicious. carry on ~

Every time I see that stupid commercial for Nasonex, I ask myself:
- why a bee?
- why does the bee have a fake Mexican accent?

Thoughts on Celebrity Rehab (one of the year’s hottest trends apparently):
What is Rehab, really, besides a stay in a really expensive and fabulous spa for massive doses of R&R? Who wouldn’t want a breather from real life to kick back, lie in a hammock, and read a good book rather than do what we all have to do to make money so we can have the energy to run around to our jobs to make money. I’d like to see Paris H. or Lindsay L. or any of the moppets of the moment deal with rush hour on the New York subways to get to a job that doesn’t pay well but enough so you can cover your bills just barely, work all day, then get home in time to eat, watch some TV and sleep. Regular Jacks & Jills are the ones who need rehab ~ I’m just sayin.’

Dec 11

Mardi 9AM

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Hunting tigers out in India
Out in
Out in
Out in India
- The Bonzo Dog Band