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Every time I see that stupid commercial for Nasonex, I ask myself:
- why a bee?
- why does the bee have a fake Mexican accent?

Thoughts on Celebrity Rehab (one of the year’s hottest trends apparently):
What is Rehab, really, besides a stay in a really expensive and fabulous spa for massive doses of R&R? Who wouldn’t want a breather from real life to kick back, lie in a hammock, and read a good book rather than do what we all have to do to make money so we can have the energy to run around to our jobs to make money. I’d like to see Paris H. or Lindsay L. or any of the moppets of the moment deal with rush hour on the New York subways to get to a job that doesn’t pay well but enough so you can cover your bills just barely, work all day, then get home in time to eat, watch some TV and sleep. Regular Jacks & Jills are the ones who need rehab ~ I’m just sayin.’

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This post has 4 comments. Add your own.
birstein - 17 Jan 08 at 19:27:21

Why does he have a fake Mexican accent? Because all cute animals on television have fake foreign accents! Like the Gecko, he’s got a British accent. Maybe they wanted to remind viewers of the cute Taco Bell dog or the the even cuter Anna tennis star dog, both of whom have Mexican accents!

Holly Cara Price - 17 Jan 08 at 19:41:38

you’re right! i never noticed that before. i heart the gecko lizard.

Carol - 10 Jan 09 at 17:02:29

Because the bee is voiced by Antonio Banderas who is a genuine Spaniard, not a fake Mexican. And why NOT a bee with Antonio Banderas’ voice??

Holly Cara Price - 12 Jan 09 at 08:45:56

Carol - I had no idea that was Antonio Banderas. WOW. Well that clears up who it is, and it clearly is not a fake accent, but I still want to know why Nasonex thinks bees speak English with a Spanish accent…. Do they know something we don’t? Does this have anything to do with colony collapse disorder? :)