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O Best Beloved, the weekend horoscoop* will return on March 20 as these last few weeks have been a little crazy busy with work. I don’t want you to go away empty-handed, so please take a look at my new column on the Huffington Post about reality TV called Rubbernecking. Because it’s gross, it’s horrible, but you just can’t turn away ~ n’est-ce pas?

The Bachelor: After the Final Rose, Part 2

Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Season 3 Premiere

Dancing with the Stars, Season 8 Premiere

Make Me A Supermodel, Season 2 Premiere

Reality Bytes

Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels, Week Five

The Millionaire Matchmaker, Season 2 Premiere

True Beauty Finale

Top Chef Finale

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This post has 3 comments. Add your own.
Eric - 06 Mar 09 at 15:15:42

I was browsing the Huffpost today and I was surprised to see your name.

I’m one of the few and the proud that used to hang around the Little Steven board back in the day as well as RMAS.

Glad to see you’re doing well and congrats on the new gig.

Dianne - 22 Mar 09 at 08:58:04

Bret’s name is misspelled throughout your Hufpo column, which is quite distracting.

Holly Cara Price - 26 Mar 09 at 09:18:27

Hi Dianne - sorry about that! i will fix!