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Friends, Romans, Countrymen; I can’t keep up doing the scoop every week, it’s too much work, alas. Until such time as someone starts throwing me vast sums of cash to do it, I will be cutting back to a bi-weekly schedule. Therefore, the next two weekend horoscoop*s will be posted here and on the Huffington Post Thursday June 11 and Thursday June 25. Please continue to send me ideas for places, music, books, films, tv shows, art openings, restaurants, et al to cover.

Meanwhile, I’d love for you to check out my Rubbernecking column this week on HuffPo. On Monday I wrote about the finale of The Hills, Lauren’s last show and Speidi’s wedding. It’s almost refreshing to watch a program where no one seems to have anything resembling a personality. Today I wrote about the insane ratings bonanza that is Jon & Kate Plus 8 through the eyes of a child of divorce (this is a show where lack of personality is not a problem, except perhaps in Jon’s case).

I also started a new column for Mark Blankenship’s awesome blog The Critical Condition today, The Price Point. This week I took on television advertising, in particular ads created for Apple products. Please to enjoy. And have a great weekend!

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