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Dear Readers... it’s been awhile. Now we’re staring straight into the hindquarters of August and I must needs explain myself as I’ve done exactly what you’re not supposed to do when starting a blog. I’ve neglected it for weeks. In late June I found fulltime & fabulous employment as a publicist for independent documentary and feature films, for which I am very grateful indeed. But, after being freelance for just about 4 years for the most part, it was a bit of a shock to realize that my writing time had shrunk immeasurably.

I must tell you that my pride & joy, The Weekend Horoscoop, which I kept up weekly for well over a year, bit the dust even before the fulltime job. Honestly, the column took a full day every week, and I just don’t have that kind of time anymore. I would love to resurrect it and I know it had a lot of followers, but unless someone pays me to do it… it’s over for now. Not forever though, at least I hope not. It may come back in another form soon, one that doesn’t take as much time to do.

I am going to start posting regularly again though however. For those that don’t know, I cover television, music, and pop culture once or twice a week on the Huffington Post. Currently I’m recapping Weeds and Project Runway for the site. I heartily invite you to visit me there and I’ll cross post those columns here as well.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.

- Holly

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Cathryn - 23 Aug 09 at 09:32:39

Hi Holly!

I can totally relate and I think, rather than just let it languish, to write an explanatory note, like you did, is the best thing! (I hate when blogs just stay static and you don’t know why!)

Look at all the other great places to find your brilliant writing filled with wit and humor tho’!

Congratulations on your new gig. Thanks for listing my blog on your blogroll! Take care -