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A year ago this week, the American people went to the polls to vote in the Presidential Election. And in record numbers, a true democratic majority elected Barack Hussein Obama to be our President. All the mud thrown at him - when push came to shove - did not stick. Even now, I’m still thrilled. When I’m having a bad day, I remember, oh yes, yes we did. Which proves that we can, whenever we have a mind to.

We dodged a really scary bullet that day - the chance, however slim, that Sarah Palin would be riding shotgun to the next President of the United States. Forgive the gun metaphors but it’s actually eerily appropriate for this moose-killin’ mama, the Thrilla from Wasilla.

The Daily Beast has uncovered the speeches Palin longed to make the night of the Election - both her planned concession speech and her planned victory speech. It’s really worth a read. The speeches (and more details) are fully covered in the new book Sarah from Alaska: The Sudden Rise and Brutal Education of a New Conservative Superstar by Scott Conroy and Shusannah Walshe.

And that’s my Way Cool Item of the Day.

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