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John Cooper Clarke is an English performance poet from Manchester who came to fame in the punkish late 1970’s, reciting his rapid fire poems whilst opening for such bands as the Buzzcocks, New Order, the Sex Pistols, Joy Division, and the Fall. His sparse, urban, bleak and beautiful “Evidently Chickentown” memorably ended one of the episodes of The Sopranos, launching it forever into the cultural zeitgeist - where it definitely belongs. Excerpt follows:

the bloody pies are bloody old
the bloody chips are bloody cold
the bloody beer is bloody flat
the bloody flats have bloody rats
the bloody clocks are bloody wrong
the bloody days are bloody long
it bloody gets you bloody down
evidently chicken town


Thanks to the bloody great blog Stupefaction, who posted this yesterday, I’m making John Cooper Clarke’s poetic genius the Way Cool Item of the Day.

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