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In case you didn’t know (for shame), Joan Jett is one kick-ass, gorgeous, amazing, hard rocking, original riot grrrl beeyotch. To my great surprise and delight today I found out that Mattel (who are, apparently, still swell) will be presenting the Joan Jett Barbie Doll to the world in December, as part of the Ladies of the ’80’s Collection. I can hardly think of a better role model for the Barbie doll-playing-set, hella yeah!

The text description of the doll reads - and no, I did not make this up: Have you ever said (or sung) “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”? If so, you’re gonna love this doll! An acclaimed guitarist and one of the greatest leading ladies of rock, Joan Jett is a legendary singer and songwriter. Featuring her look and rock ‘n’ roll spirit, the Joan Jett Barbie Doll is part of the Ladies of the ’80s collection and a must-have for her many fans! Includes doll and guitar, and stands approximately 11 1/2-inches tall.

The Collection will also feature Cyndi Lauper (in flouncy red skirt) and Blondie’s Debbie Harry. As for Joanie, this is one of those rare items that I think I might have to actually pre-purchase on Amazon. I can’t stand the thought of not being able to have my Joan Jett Barbie. Although I am deducting swell points from Mattel for not including Patti Smith in the collection. Imagine a Patti Smith Barbie dressed in white man’s shirt and loose tie, kind of like the Horses cover shot by Robert Mapplethorpe. I think we could have eschewed Cyndi and made this Joan, Debbie, and Patti. Cyndi’s kind of fluffy next to those other original riot grrls, n’est-ce pas? They could have called it, instead, The Riot Grrl Collection.

In other really great Joan Jett news, Kristin Stewart will play the part of JJ in the upcoming Runaways movie to Dakota Fanning’s Cherie Currie.  But who will play Kim Fowley? Inquiring minds want to know!

Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-CHERRY BOMB! The Joan Jett Barbie doll is my Way Cool Item of the Day.

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Katy Jackson - 11 Nov 09 at 08:57:09

I totally agree about the Patti Smith thing — if they asked her and she said no, then she’s lost some coolness points in my book. But I love Cyndi Lauper. However, we totally agree on the Joan Jett thing — this may be the one Barbie doll that I would actually purchase and not take out of the packaging.