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If you’ve been reading SDJ for awhile you’ll know that occasionally I predict that Amanda Palmer AKA Amanda Fucking Palmer AKA Force of Nature / New Media Goddess will eventually be a name everyone knows due to her most awesome talent as a singer, songwriter, and performer. Well it’s that time again because AFP is about to embark on a short tour of the East Coast which begins tonight in Burlington, VT and ends on November 22 in Knoxville, Tennessee. New York is sold out for the show this weekend, but if you’re in Portland Maine, Northampton MA, Philadelphia, Falls Church VA, Carrboro NC, or Knoxville - do consider spending about $20 for one of the greatest musical experiences of your life. Because she may not be a household name now - but she will be. And someday you’ll say, why the F didn’t I get a ticket to that show when I could?

Just sayin.’

More info here. And here. And here.

And that’s my Way Cool Item of the Day.

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