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Every once in awhile I run across a website that completely sucks me in and before I know it… hours have flown by. Such a site is the Meeker Museum, dedicated to actor Ralph Meeker, who started in musicals in the 1950’s and had roles on both TV and in feature films through the 1970s. He played Mike Hammer in the 1955 Robert Aldrich classic film of Mickey Spillane’s Kiss Me Deadly. The Meeker Museum lovingly recounts Meeker’s career as well as other movie stars of yesteryear. It’s stated mission is to be ‘a non-profit, non-existent organization dedicated to the pursuit of inner peace through movie stars.

Other essays on the site include a tribute to Troy Donahue, the films of Conway Twitty, a Sandra Dee retrospective, and a lengthy multi-paged mini-site about the book, movies, and TV series Peyton Place. The site’s creator, Jack Stalnaker, apparently created the site in an early version of Frontpage. But you know what? It kind of works. When you’re poking about in dusty library stacks, you want retro, even if it looks like the web in 1999. It’s cool.

In fact the Meeker Museum is the Way Cool Item of the Day.

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