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Dear Mrs. Ceballos,
I’m more than a little shocked by your quote, “we did whatever we could to win.” Even traumatize your daughter by lying outright and faking her father’s death in the Iraq War? Not only should you give those tickets back, you should give your DAUGHTER to someone who can exhibit a better role model to her as she grows up.
Your Truly,
Holly Cara Price

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mbade1234 - 31 Dec 07 at 20:39:06

People are getting so angry about this because they feel they need to. Soley because it is dealing with the Iraq war. But please, put it in perspective. This was a single mother who obviously could not afford the 2000+ dollar ticket to go to the stupid show. She wanted to give her daughter the perfect present. Its difficult for kids to understand not being able to afford things and im sure most of the girls friends were going to the show. The mother acted out of care for her daughter. And no duh what she did wasn’t the most moral thing she could have… but really? Is it necissary to question her mothering abilities and custody over somthing this stupid? Holly, you obviously don’t have kids, grew up rich or are biased because of this stupid war. Don’t get angry just to get angry. It was a dumb decision that really didn’t matter.

What disgusts me is all the time and money we’re wasting on this story. You can’t turn the tv on without hearing about it. There are people literally starving to death in our country. Instead of helping those people we are putting our attention and efforts into some stupid story about a little girl wanting to see a very untalented singer.

Sort out your priorities!

Holly Cara Price - 02 Jan 08 at 11:30:13

I agree with you that this stupid story is getting way more airtime than it deserves… and you’re right I don’t have kids but I certainly did not grow up rich and don’t see what that would have to do with it anyway. My problem with the entire scenario is that it seems to be a given in our current culture that people feel that they can lie, cheat and steal to get ahead and this is the way of the world. That’s NOT how it was when I grew up and that’s not how my parents raised me. If this is the example being given to the 6 year old in question, it’s horrendous. And for me it’s not about the Iraq War, though that little “detail” makes the whole thing even more heinous. It’s about manufacturing the death of a parent — in order to get concert tickets. My priorities are completely sorted and the first thing on the list is truth.