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well, it’s become apparent that whenever someone has a “reality” dating show on VH1, it’s only the preamble to a sequel and sometimes more than one sequel. CROCK OF LOVE being no exception. but honestly, bret michaels? where has this guy been hiding since the 80’s? and i don’t think anyone has exhibited worse taste in picking women contestants (even Flavor Flav’s dubious choices were better than these skanks). anyway, i digress. i have a list of has-been rockers that i’d love to see picking their life partners on reality shows, and this guy is surely not one of them.

btw if you’ve got some time to kill, visit the official bret michaels web page. it’s from hunger as my mother would say.

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unner13 - 24 Jan 08 at 20:21:43

Holly - I concur with all you have said, but I think if they do other has been botoxed rockers they all have to sing “Every Rose Has Their Day” whatever that half-way decent song is that our man Bret sings… There should be a Jersey Rock of Love show - Could imagine John Eddie singing “Jungle Boy”, John Cafferty singing”On the Dark Side”, Southside Johhny singing “I don’t want to go Home”???