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I watched the Palinizer on 20/20 last Friday night gettin’ all cozy with Charles Gibson in her lovely Alaskan home, and it’s my feeling that if this woman gets anywhere near the White House, our goose is cooked ~ our moose is dressed ~ or whatever dead animal metaphor you find to hand. Our country will take a turn to the right so sharply it will feel like we are on a NASCAR track hurtling into hell at 185 miles an hour.

In case you hadn’t noticed, things suck pretty bad right now. But imagine, if you will, how bad it could get: no more polar bears (they’re not endangered, right? who’s going to miss them?) – banned books in our public libraries – an end to safe and legal abortions, more abstinence - obviously a screaming success in Alaska (a million Bristol Palins bringing into this world a million new babies they don’t know the first thing about taking care of) – and, of course, tanning beds all around. And I hesitate even to formulate the image of SP’s finger on the nuclear trigger.

And may I add that I am amused and horrified that the Palinator is said to be a super-mom of some sort. What kind of super-mom drags her four-month-old infant to a 22,000-seat sports arena with bright lights, loud noises, and billions of germs in the air? Methinks that if that child had not been a special needs baby, he would have stayed in a nice clean quiet cradle where he belonged that night instead of being passed around for the cameras like a tiny political football.

It’s oh-so-obvious, folks! McCain has never been his party’s choice. They don’t like him, they don’t trust him. Especially since his best friend is Joe Lieberman, who is universally despised by all parties (Republican, Democrat, and the one happening on the 17th floor of my apartment building tonight at 9pm). For God’s sake, McSame almost defected the Republican Party to join Kerry’s presidential ticket in 2004!

I know I don’t need to point out that since Palin was anointed as McPain’s Veep Choice, the GOP has received a much-needed injection of fresh neo-con blood (kind of like Lestat feeding on a sweet young hot evangelical Christian babe). Hence, McBore, who was heretofore not winning any Republican popularity contests, has now become the Groovemeister and drawing Obama-sized crowds. I think I just threw up in my mouth.

Prior to Palin, JM was almost like a kindly old great-uncle who sometimes messed up his facts and figures. With SP now providing the assist to his blurred and feeble vision, it’s become a scenario straight from the scariest of Stephen King novels.

But I digress… my point is, a McPalin White House will turn the world upside down. Talk about Baked Alaska. Those of us who don’t own seven homes will have a difficult time even owning one in the Brave New World of the Palindrome. She out-mccains McCain; she out-Bushes Bush. She’s Tonya Harding and America is Nancy Kerrigan.


a few days after I wrote this post, Sarah Palin’s God divinely inspired me to tackle this subject again with a post entitled Que Sera, Sarah? ~ i invite you to read the result here. - HCP 9/23/08

more speaking in tongues this morning, kids: Welcome to the Palindrome - reflecting on Ms. Palin’s visit to New York City to meet world leaders on Tuesday, September 23rd. - HCP 9/24/08

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This post has 8 comments. Add your own.
Ellen - 15 Sep 08 at 22:14:45

Go, girl!!

Pansy - 15 Sep 08 at 23:14:24

…Another thing is the piercing cry for vigilance in the media as election day draws near and the media’s role in the palinization of the process becomes more and more critical in determining outcome. We were all thrown more negatively than positively by this distraction, but it’s time to get down to serious business — and along with the American people, the whole world (if I may be so bold as to speak for us all) is now impatient over the capitulation of the media to a cynical ploy, and is impatient over the media’s failure to get back on its feet and do its job. We want the media to join us in saying/ broadcasting that we’ve had enough of the palinization of the minds of our youths and the palinized assaults on deeply held truths and values and principles that are universal. We are impatient for the media to turn the cameras around and focus on the discussions and on the messages that bring the issues to centre stage and for the media to force all candidates on that issues stage under that issues spotlight and away from the palinesque masquerade designed to attract and appeal only to the basest instincts. Enough is enough!

ronnie - 15 Sep 08 at 23:30:46

say it like it is sister!
this is a horrible joke, too bad no one is laughing! mcCain’s viagra for a limp campaign. too bad she thinks she’s all that…i mean, really…….oh don’t get me started grrrrrrrl!

Coffee With Ian - 16 Sep 08 at 10:52:55

McCain/Palin = The Bridge to Nowhere!

Yvonne - 16 Sep 08 at 22:35:43

Well said, Sistah! And thanks for saying it!

lynette carolla - 16 Sep 08 at 23:52:50

Well said! And very funny.

naomi dagen bloom - 19 Sep 08 at 08:16:35

perfect: just dessert which follows as she cooks her own goose.

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