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i’m not the first to point out some Ozzities in the Sarah Palin mythos; she’s very much a Dorothy-like character. she’s a cheerful, bright-eyed brunette skipping along with her posse, believing as hard as she can that she will make it to the Emerald City and meet the Wizard and eventually make it back home to her beloved Auntie Em in Kansas. she even has the ruby red slippers.

and now that the Alaskan Empress has truly been revealed as having no clothes (read: interviewed on CBS by Katie Couric), the Republican flying monkeys are starting to surround her, their eyes glittering, chomping their sharp teeth. any second now the Wicked Witch of the West will try to drop a house on her, or perhaps a multi-roomed mansion with a view of Russia from the front steps.

Holy Glinda Good Witch of the North, when they don’t even allow the Vice Presidential Candidate to provide post-debate spin on Fox, not to mention other broadcast outlets, there’s obviously a serious problem. they can’t reign her in fast enough.

when a figure like Kathleen Parker of the National Review can hope out loud and in print that Palin will step down for the good of the party, not to mention George Will in the Washington Post stating loud & clear that John McCain is not a fit presidential candidate, well, honey, it’s on.

somewhere, in a place very close to here, the rightest of the right wing are pacing the floor trying to figure out how to combat the force of nature that Obama seems to be. and their hearts (if they have hearts) are sinking when they really contemplate McCain / Palin as a viable alternative.

like many, i am starting to almost feel sorry for Palin because she is so clearly a deer in the headlights and she’s about to be shredded in front of billions of people by Joe Biden. i can picture her calling in sick on Thursday. she is so clearly out of her depth.

it’s kind of like Kenley on Project Runway last Wednesday when she, of all the designers, got the hip-hop design challenge. and then LL Cool J turns up as the Guest Judge. and she messed it up so badly because she doesn’t have the slightest idea what hip-hop fashion is, nor does she care. i mean, that outfit was a joke (but Leeanne really looked like a different person).

i can envision Palin in her ruby red slippers standing there with Toto in her arms, repeating over and over again There’s no place like Nome…There’s no place like Nome…There’s no place like Nome until eventually she’s back in the flying house and then wakes up in her own room, surrounded by her peeps.

yes, she’ll be back home safe in Kansas, never realizing until now that Barack Obama’s grandparents are her next door neighbors.

There's No Place Like Nome...
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naomi dagen bloom - 28 Sep 08 at 23:31:11

oh, my, what a great end! you go, girl!

fab ending, holly…you go girl!

Flynn - 29 Sep 08 at 13:55:39

For better or worse, McCain is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. If he doesn’t drop her from the ticket, there’s a good chance she’ll drag him down, and with even the conservative pundits jumping off her bandwagon, she’s obviously not “energizing the base” as she did just four weeks ago.

On the other hand, if he does drop her, then his decision to pick her will look even worse, and whatever base she energized will be very disappointed in the reversal.

The only decent “out” is for her to drop out on her own, or at least made to look that way, but even that would not reflect well on McCain. The hiring manager always looks bad when someone they hire quits a week later. The already-criticized vetting process would just be confirmed as being inadequate.

Alas & Alack; Alaska -- Snoop du Jour - 11 Oct 08 at 13:59:59

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