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I don’t know about you, but I can feel a sea change taking place. I feel the whole country waking up and participating in a real democracy for perhaps the first time since this country was founded (and women couldn’t even vote then, much less non-whites).

The stories are pouring in;
- a voter driving all night in Virginia to get to the polls (“My friends told me I was crazy, my parents told me I was crazy…but to have missed this election without my vote would have been crazy. I told them it was my civic duty. I didn’t want to look back in 20 years and regret not voting for Barack Obama.”)
- a Utah voter hears people talking in line as he’s waiting to vote (“terrorists will attack us, your guns will be taken away from you, and a rush of Mexicans will flood in from the south . . . all within moments of Obama winning.”)
- the 97 year old black man in a wheelchair who voted for the first time in his entire life today in Southern Maryland, who asked if anyone had an Obama button outside after he’d voted, and a fellow voter gave him hers (“There were none left at the Democrat’s booth so I gave him mine. He was so proud and I started crying. He looked at me and said, “why are you crying? this is a day for glory.” I am still crying.”)

I ran into a pollworker taking a lunch break around 1pm, who told me that 50% of the registered voters in his assigned polling station had already voted by noon. Voter turnout is at record numbers. People are waiting in lines for hours. Yes, machines are breaking down, names are being questioned, computer glitches are being discovered. Because our country has never before actually acted as a democracy. Yeah, I am not kidding. We’re running around the world starting wars and forcing democracy down people’s throats, but we don’t know the first thing about really enacting a democracy in our own country.

Did you know the United States comes in at 139 out of 172 countries generally in voter turnout? Check out the list. Italy comes in first at 92.5%, followed by the Seychelles, Cambodia, then Iceland.

Did you know what people go through in other countries to vote? Intimidation, threats, waiting in line all night, these are all de rigueur in certain Central American countries.

I feel the world changing, the air trembling around us, the long march of hours and days and months and years finally reaching a resolution. We’ll be able to have a real leader again, someone who can inspire us, someone who can unite us. Not the herky-jerky cartoon character currently residing in the White House who has turned the opinion of the world’s population against the United States, but someone we can deeply respect.

This is a moment we will remember the rest of our lives, the day we changed the world and valiantly attempted to prevent unimaginable disaster both in the natural world and beyond. The next president will have the toughest of roads to hoe, but we’ll be united behind him and we’ll be inspired by him and we’ll be proud to have him represent us to the world. It’s a concept that seems inconceivable, doesn’t it?

World without end amen.

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johnny - 05 Nov 08 at 14:08:07

“Because our country has never before actually acted as a democracy.”

We are not a democracy. We are a republic. The democrats and people like you will never understand that.

Hopefully Obama won’t shit on the Constitution as much as his previous rhetoric implies he will.

A Democracy alone can be extremely dangerous. Especially when it is ruled by people that have no accountability.

“We’re running around the world starting wars and forcing democracy down people’s throats”

You wouldn’t have a country if we didn’t do this from the start!!!!!! We built our great nation by using our might, will, and ideals to beat down those in our way (ie. Native Americans).

THAT IS THE AMERICAN WAY, and the way of various other countries. Some of the greatest historic figures were imperialists.

Accept it and get out of your bubble once in a while.

Your Messianic figure Obama has nowhere to go but down. He’s been all hype so far, shadowing his non-record as a state and federal senator with his rosey words.

There was a great wave of enthusiasm with Jimmy Carter too. But reality eventually sets in.