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i don’t know why this makes me so sad, but i guess i really did think there was a way we could end this like adults and everyone go play on the same team and win this thing.

that scenario seems pretty impossible now.

this campaign has both amazed and amused me, kept me involved like an American Idol fanatic in its twists and turns. but now, it’s making me sick.

how could she say such a thing?………… and then, NOT EVEN APOLOGIZE except to the Kennedy family (which technically wasn’t even an apology to them). to put this statement out there in the zeitgeist and then - walk away and let it hang there without even a proper apology - it boggles the mind and makes HRC seem like a vulture just waiting to swoop in after the worst happens. which, apparently, she is and has been for awhile.

Bosnia —– shmosnia. by all the saints, this absconds with the proverbial cake and blasts off into outer space trailing ribbons of icing.

and, to make matters worse, dailykos reminds us that she said the same thing in March of this year and therefore, like Bosnia, this indicates a really serious train of thought, not a one-off misstatement.

i look towards the certainty of a woman President someday in my lifetime, but Hillary Rodham Clinton is NOT THAT WOMAN.


THE MORNING AFTER: i’m still flabbergasted at this latest HRC foot-in-the-mouth debacle. for more clarification on exactly what she said and the context, please to visit which has a transcript of her comments and video of her saying them. And the comment (which i agree with in every fiber of my being): No context can save her. She must go.

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